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PoSTMEDIA is an IT company based in Seoul, South Korea working in the New Media field since 1993.
A company bridging culture and technology, PoSTMEDIA has been the pioneer of the Cultural Technology (CT) field with the achievements in numerous major challenging projects and several patented technologies.

We conceive and design digital cultural contents, provide System Integration (SI) service, and offer a professional IT consultancy. With our valued clients, we will ensure that the cultural values continue to be appreciated.

We hope to inspire people’s intellectual curiosity and broaden their worldview through digital media technology.
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About Us

Our Works

Smart City

PoSTMEDIA has contributed to several major smart city planning projects throughout the country. We design a development plan for a city based on collected data to optimize the use of urban space and resources and improve the quality of both local community and infrastructure of the city.

Among numerous projects we had done, we participated in a living lab project in Baekje (2019) where researchers and local community worked together to identify and solve the diverse urban issues through new technologies such as AR, VR, Digital Twin, and Smart Traffic Service.
Smart City
Gyeongnam Tongyeong, a smart city with local businesses : Create a’traditional market where visitors can experience and use it conveniently’ centered around Dongpirang Village, a representative tourist destination
The Smart Village Challenge project was introduced to promote the smartization of established cities and strengthen local competitiveness, and is to discover and introduce smart services optimized for small-scale local demands, centered on local governments and local living labs. Tongyeong City will establish a master plan for a special complex with the theme of ’Smart City Tongyeong with Local Commercial Areas’ as an industry promotion theme based on traditional markets. The Master Plan (MP) is a plan to foster Dongho-dong, Jungang-dong, Quandong-dong, and Hangnam-dong as smart cities with local commercial areas. We aim to do it. The detailed plan includes local VOD and online tourist services such as live VOD-based online market service, smart experience auction service, comprehensive market information solution, traditional market environment management and monitoring solution, and traditional market safety and management solution. Create a sustainable smart innovation space that provides smart city services in the optimized commercialization stage.

Digital Heritage

PoSTMEDIA has worked on several large-scale DB development and construction projects of government agencies including The Cultural Heritage Administration (CHA) and many national and city museums such as The National Museum of Korea, The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul Museum of Art, to name a few.
Digital Heritage
Cultural Heritage Administration (CHA) : Photogrammetric of Daeungjeon Hall of Ssanggyesa Temple, Nonsan(論山雙溪寺大雄殿)

Immersive Space Experience Media & XR

We are constantly conceiving creative and effective ways to use new media to enrich our cultural and historical assets. Our contents are not limited to the cultural properties, but also embrace the natural heritage site with our credo of sharing and collaborating via open platforms. We design each content with great care and attention to provide the best experience to the users beyond the physical world by being informative and simultaneously entertaining.

PoSTMEDIA is an early adopter in the smart tourism field and has been applying the latest technologies including AR and 360°VR to the cultural contents as early as 2014. We have been selected to represent Korea in many international fairs and expositions. We are closely cooperating with Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) and their overseas branches.
Immersive Space Experience Media & XR
National Museum of Korea : Immersive Digital Gallery [Masterpieces - Painting of Endless Mountains and Rivers : Yi In-mun(李寅文, 1745-1821)] / *Currently in progress
In the Immersive Digital Gallery, visitors are fully immersed in a variety of digital contents related to Korean cultural heritage. Through the universal language of images, the Immersive Digital Gallery inspires every visitor-regardless of age, nationality, or background knowledge-to become newly interested in the exhibited artworks and artifacts, and to feel more familiar with Korean cultural heritage. By bringing the treasures of the museum’s collection closer to visitors, the Immersive Digital Gallery ultimately acts as a bridge between yesterday and today.
MMCA Cheongju 2020, Kwon Minho: Clouded Breath : Venue | CheongJu Art Storage Center Lobby and Facade(29.Oct.2020 - 14.Nov.2021)
The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea (MMCA) presents its commission project MMCA Cheongju 2020, Kwon Minho: Clouded Breath. MMCA Cheongju, which opened in December 2018, curates the MMCA Cheongju Project 2020 allowing the production of experimental works in an expansive outdoor space, supporting emerging and established Korean artists.

 For this project, Kwon has produced Clouded Breath, in which he takes architectural drawings of MMCA Cheongju, a former tobacco factory, and fills them with stories of the factory. Referencing materials dating from the opening of the factory, in 1946, to its closure in 2004, Kwon adds his own imagination to create compressed symbols of tobacco processing machines and cigarette names symbolizing the factory, and key events and symbols of Korea's industrialization in the 1960s and 70s, when the factory reached its heyday.

 The tobacco factory in Clouded Breath recalls three works. In addition to the silk screen and video installation in the lobby, one work is installed in full size on the outer wall of the museum, creating a sense of realism. The most exceptional feature of this exhibition is Kwon's introduction of augmented reality (AR)-based content. Viewers downloading the MMCA X ARound app and pointing their mobile devices at the museum wall will discover Kwon's flat works in 3D. It is our hope that viewers synaesthetically experiencing Clouded Breath, expanded from architectural drawings to building walls and augmented reality, will recall and reflect upon the tobacco factory that has now disappeared into history.

Research & Development

We challenge ourselves to find more innovative and user-friendly ways to bridge technology and culture. As a result of our unceasing effort, PoSTMEDIA officially obtained more than ten patents related to cultural technology since 2007.
Research & Development

IT Consulting

With our specialized expert team and accumulated field experience, PoSTMEDIA offers a professional IT consultancy providing an ideal strategic plan for your business objectives. We have built a long-term trust with our valued clients including The National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage, Seoul Museum of History, and Seoul Museum of Art.
IT Consulting

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